Why we care

                  Most of our senior staff have studied or lived overseas – so we have walked in your shoes before and totally understand how it feels to be for longer term away from home and in a different culture and environment. We know it and we felt it ourselves – so you can rely on us that we do understand and we do care!

                  At the same time we do not only care about you – we also care about our next generations. Hence, sustainability is one of our credos that we follow. We try to follow the sustainability guidelines like ISO 26000, ISO 14000 and the Global Compact standards whenever possible. Honestly, we are just at the beginning, given the Myanmar settings and limitation – but we work towards it every day. For example, we were using natural material from local sources as well as local craftsmanship to entirely remodel our hotel. In addition we were using toxic-free paint and environmentally as well as hazardous-free proven materials and installed a water-filtering system to provide you with clean water from our taps. All of our cleaners that we use for laundry and making up your room have been chosen carefully with respect to environment and health considerations. Yes, we want you to stay in a healthy environment when you are staying with us.

                  But we also care about our social fabric and our neighborhoods we love and we a proud of. Hence we dedicate a share of our profit each year to one of the neighborhoods initiatives. This is why we care!